Next-Generation Digital Transformation for Financial Services Companies

For financial services and insurance companies, some of the biggest challenges include acquiring and retaining customers, fraud detection, prevention & compliance, in addition to embracing digital tools to deliver customer delight. Technologies such as AI/ML, robotic process automation (RPA) and advanced analytics can help them with greater insights and automation to accelerate growth and improve customer delight.

Digitech Labs works closely with financial services and insurance companies to drive digital transformation initiatives that will have a direct impact on business and financial goals. Each of our engagements is spearheaded by a subject matter expert with deep domain expertise.
Data-driven customer acquisition & retention
RPA for prevention of fraud and regulatory compliance
Advanced Analytics to accelerate growth and cut down costs
How we Help Meet Business Goals

At Digitech, our focus is to deliver technology with a purpose

Our SMEs start by understanding the business goals of the customer. We work backwards from there to design digital solutions to meet these overarching goals.
Cost Reduction by using RPA for fraud detection, prevention and compliance
Increase in no. of new customers acquired by using advanced analytics for customer acqusition.

Our SME and Consulting-Led Approach drives Competitive Advantage

While automation and digital transformation are critical, it is paramount that every digital initiative has a focused business outcome.

Automating Onboarding and KYC Processes

Being a highly sensitive industry, onboarding and Know-Your-Customer processes are mandatory to meet regulatory requirements as well as to safeguard customer interests. At the same time, it can be a long-drawn process and prone to errors. Digital technologies can improve the accuracy of data collected to speed up the customer acquisition process, enabling executives to more value-added tasks to improve customer delight.

Customizing Product Offerings for Greater Conversion

Analytics can enable financial solution providers to profile the customers for focused service offerings, catering to the financial goals of the customer. This will improve retention and loyalty while helping the service provider to grow through focused marketing campaigns to attract new customers.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Financial frauds are an age-old threat that financial institutions have had to face. However, with AI/ML and analytics tools, financial organizations can identify anomalies faster and put security and governance rules that can detect and prevent fraud, thereby protecting consumers and the business.

Robotic Process Automation

Financial and insurance segments have several routine tasks such around customer servicing that are mechanical and repetitive. By automating it using robotic systems integrated with CRM, the organizations can free up human resource to focus on innovation and value addition. Digitech Labs offers customized solutions using RPA software such as Intellibot and MS CRM to make businesses competitive and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer profiling using advanced analytics can help financial institutions improve their decision-making capabilities to provide meaningful services and accelerate growth. Digitech designs enabling solutions with improved data management, reporting and dashboards without compromising on privacy, integrity and other security and governance aspects.

Analytics for Forecasting and Customization

Improve Interoperability Between Systems

Digitech also enables interoperability between banking applications and the infrastructure, which could all be on different technologies but need end-to-end integration for automating related workflows. Social media integration can enhance the accuracy of social profiling and facilitate improved customer service capabilities.

“We were able to reduce our KYC Process costs by over 12% on a high base. This was possible, thanks to a customised RPA solution delivered by Digitech"

COO and co-founder, Leading NBFC based in India

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

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