Digital Transformation & Data Analytics Solutions for the Hi-Tech Industry

Improve demand forecasting to improve sales and distribution and optimize inventory costs to keep pace with changing customer preferences.

Faster and efficient systems fuel innovation and efficiency across industries, putting pressure on hi-tech product manufacturers to innovate and improve their distribution times. The demand varies from individuals to corporates, from personal to professional use, making it difficult for manufacturers to predict demand accurately. With Just-in-Time manufacturing, hi-tech solution providers mitigate risks but with analytics and AI/ML, businesses can truly transform the hi-tech business to reduce inventory, cut down on distribution costs and improve profitability.
Improved Resource Allocation
Demand Forecasting
Optimize Product Mix
How we Help Meet Business Goals

At Digitech, our focus is to deliver technology with a purpose

Our SMEs start by understanding the business goals of the customer. We work backwards from there to design digital solutions to meet these overarching goals.
Reduction in inventory and distribution costs, thanks to better demand forecasting
Cost Savings from better productivity and resource planning using next-generation hyper-automation and AI-enabled digital tools.

Our SME and Consulting-Led Approach drives Competitive Advantage

While automation and digital transformation are critical, it is paramount that every digital initiative has a focused business outcome.

Customer Profiling for Improved Resource Allocation

Understand your customers, their needs and buying behavior through profiling and analytics to predict future requirements and improve product availability.

Integrate warehouse with POS to devise a pull strategy to reduce the time needed from the time of ordering to delivery.

Enhance the efficiency of your Just-in-Time production through improved resource allocation and inventory planning.

Plan Future Releases based on Demand

Plan and design future releases based on demand forecasting and customer preferences.

Reduce production costs and improve profitability with informed decision-making based on insights drawn from data analytics.

Leverage data analytics to create your pricing and promotional strategies for greater effectiveness.

Optimize Product Mix

Improve in-store planning for quick-moving products to increase sales and revenue growth.

Enable back-end integration from storefront to the warehouse, create the right product-mix and optimize product display to improve conversion in stores and e-marketplaces.

Back-end Integration

DigitechLabs can help hi-tech businesses improve integration and interoperability between POS and warehousing solutions for better inventory management and product movement. Based on sales, hi-tech businesses can manage their component inventory better to deliver finished goods faster.

Analytics along with AI/ML can help businesses gather insights about the customer as well as market trends and forecast future trends. This can help them future-proof their business and plan product releases effectively.

Data Analytics for Forecasting Trends

“We were able to see a direct impact on the bottom-line, thanks to a RPA solution implemented by Digitech."

Business Head, Hardware Devices at a Fortune 100 company.

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

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