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Technology Portfolio Optimization
Application Modernization
Accelerate Innovation around Patient care
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At Digitech, our focus is to deliver technology with a purpose

Our SMEs start by understanding the business goals of the customer. We work backwards from there to design digital solutions to meet these overarching goals.
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Our SME and Consulting-Led Approach drives Competitive Advantage

While automation and digital transformation are critical, it is paramount that every digital initiative has a focused business outcome.

Technology Portfolio Optimization

Healthcare Spend Management is emerging as a key focus area for healthcare service providers to keep the cost of care low without compromising on quality. While investing in technologies to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and maintain quality, healthcare providers end up creating silos.

Introduce greater efficiency to achieve cost optimization with integration and interoperability between the different systems such as the Core EHR (electronic health record) Platform with point solutions such as COTS, and bespoke solutions such as portals and mobility applications.

Application Modernization

Aligning with the digitization agenda, healthcare service providers need to modernize their datacenter and their applications by migrating from on-premise systems to the Cloud. This will require moving the transaction and health data to the cloud with the need for secure exchange across health systems. This will enable improving healthcare service quality, making applications scalable and efficient as well as future-proof to keep pace with technological developments.

Patient Engagement & Relationship Management

While building strengths in the back-end, healthcare service providers also need to improve the patient on-boarding experience with Web/Mobility / BOT driven platforms. Virtual or remote patient engagement, real-time healthcare trackers, wearable and sensors for extending patient care beyond the provider’s facilities are some of the areas that help healthcare service providers to improve care delivery.

Competency Development for EHRs

DigitechLabs can facilitate Technology Portfolio Optimization by retaining, replacing, retiring, reengineering apps after technical due diligence to accelerate digitization while leveraging existing competencies and complying with data governance requirements.

Digitech enables seamless relationship management among doctor, patient, insurance company and service provider through the use of IoT devices, analytics, AI/ML and communication technologies. Streamlining data sharing and improving claims processing is made easier using Industry 4.0 technology. Customize patient care to improve outcomes with timely intervention.

Accelerate Innovation around Patient Care

Improve Interoperability Between Systems

Digitech also enables interoperability between multiple applications and the infrastructure, which could all be on different technologies but need end-to-end integration for automating related workflows. This is critical especially from a Business Intelligence (BI) standpoint.

Health data federation and interoperability continue to attract maximum attention, both for addressing the larger goals of delivering world-class patient care and controlling the spread of diseases. 

At Digitech Labs, we’ve deep expertise to serve healthcare organizations, government agencies like the CDC, and federal and state government departments to build a robust eVaccine and Health Information Passport Management System. The system is designed to ensure stringent adherence to the framework for information management as expected by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) and GDPR (European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation) norms. 

The solution leverages a Blockchain-based approach to deliver a robust and compliant solution for health service providers, information consumers, and verifiers. 

To learn more, read this post.

eVaccine & Health Information – Passport Management System

“We were able to modernize our apps and migrate to the cloud within months. Digitech is a wonderful partner to work with."

CTO of a fast-growing healthcare chain in the Mid West.

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

“Our team members were able to smash our goals quicker than we did before”

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

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