Founder Director
Mahathi Reddy, BA, BS, RDH

Mahathi, a multi-faceted person with a passion for entrepreneurship and volunteerism, is our Founder.  With several years of experience in the healthcare sector, she brings together a passion for customer satisfaction and enablement to deliver solutions through technology -- which drives both productivity and innovation. 

She brings to the fore an outside-in attitude to the business and to our clients.  Her people skills deliver exemplary experiences for our team and provides the drive to excel in what we do for our clients.  Mahathi’s standing in the community through her work in supporting and spearheading various CSR activities, gives her unprecedented connections to the community. 

As the President, she sets the direction for Digitech’s vision and commitment to deliver.  She leads our HR efforts to enable the company to build our internal capabilities and provide high quality offerings and to create a culture of ownership and work-life balance. It is with this unwavering focus that Digitech Labs was launched to provide customers with an experience that is value-driven for lasting growth.    

Mahathi when not at work or volunteering, is a mother to two wonderful college going children who support her and her husband in their passion to build organizations, which employ and empower members of the community to add value.   

Mahathi graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University with a degree in Dental Hygiene.  She also holds a degree in Biology from Portland State University and a Degree in English Literature from Sri Venkateswara university, India.

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