Technology with a Purpose

Digitech Labs is a new-age business and technology consulting firm founded by industry veterans. Our focus is to design and deliver digital solutions by paying careful attention to our customers' business needs and expected strategic outcomes. We're headquartered in Seattle, WA
Join 1000+ business leaders to learn more about the latest in the world of technology and how Digitech Labs can help you transform your enterprise using next-generation technology.


We don't start with a technology-based solution. Instead, we start with understanding your specific business need.


Our strategists and technology experts then work together to come up with a digital solution that is designed to deliver an expected outcome.


We then present to our customers a multitude of options for technology adoption in their specific context.

Several companies around the world - from startups to Fortune 2000 companies partner with Digitech Labs to identify the right technology-driven solution to solve a business problem.

Our Focus

Business and Technology Transformation must work in Tandem.

  • For each of engagements, Digitech brings to the fore depth and breadth of technology expertise.
  • Our subject matter experts and technology leaders are industry veterans. Our team includes experts across RPA and Hyper-automation, Cloud Strategy & Migration, Application Development & DevOps, Next-Generation BI & Analytics, AI/ML/IoT and Blockchain Development.
  • Our business team works very closely with our customers to present a variety of "technology options" to suit their specific context.
A leading retailer partnered with Digitech to increase revenues using our in-store video analytics product, INDRAi. But, we did NOT sell them this video analytics solution. The customer wanted to increase revenue per store, while streamlining employee performance of the in-store sales team. INDRAi just fit in perfectly to fill that need.
Customer-Centric Transformation

Our customers work with us because we're partners in the complete sense.

Our leadership team cumulatively has over 100 years of experience in technology product development and services experience. We started Digitech, because we noticed a clear gap in the market to build a "customer-impact" focused business transformation firm. Our philosophy is simple: Technology must fit a need gap. It must make life easier and better for the stakeholder involved.

Featured Insights from our experts and partners

Blogs and Case Studies from the Digitech Labs' Ecosystem

“I've seen Digitech Labs demonstrate both the ability and agility to enable their customer’s digital requirements. Their SME-led approach and their core Cloud expertise, combined with their product level collaboration with specialized Digital start-ups, sets them apart and lends a razor-sharp focus to delivering for their customers.”

Jim Dubois, Former Microsoft CIO