Enabling Digital and Cloud Transformation for Enterprises

Digitech Labs is a new-age business and technology consulting firm founded by industry veterans. We're headquartered in Seattle, WA.

From Fortune 500 Companies to startups we help a wide-range of companies spot the right technology-driven solutions to tackle key business problems

We don't start with a technology-based solution. Instead, we start with understanding your specific business need.
We then present to our customers a multitude of options for technology adoption, along with a phased roadmap to implement new technologies.
Our strategists and technology experts then work together to come up with a digital solution that is designed to deliver an expected outcome.

Business and Technology Transformation must work in sync.

Contextual Technology
Our business team works very closely with our customers to present a variety of "technology options" to suit their specific context.
DevOps Methodology
Once the technology roadmap is in place, the implementation process is structured with our CI/CD framework of continuous development, ongoing testing and improvement.
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At the forefront of Digital Transformation & Automation

Our philosophy is simple: Technology must fit a need gap. It must make life easier and better for the stakeholder involved.

We work closely with our customers to run digital transformation and automation efforts that are structured and deliver impact. It increases productivity and makes life easier for all stakeholders involved.

Data & Analytics at the core of what we do

Today, business leaders are looking to make sense of high-volumes of data and derive insights. We help our customers figure out their data ecosystem, keeping in mind their business goals and other constraints.
Recurring Revenue
Users Worldwide

10+ Sectors We serve customers across a wide-range of sectors from healthcare and retail to hi-tech, manufacturing and public sector firms.

Improve operations
Drive efficiency across the value chain using technology
Why Digitech?
Our leadership team and technology experts bring to the fore proven experience in cloud and digital transformation.
Our strategic partnerships with specialised digital startups and growth companies, which we have nurtured over the years, helps with deliver "right-fit" solutions for several specific scenarios.
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Grow your revenue
Improve business and financial performance by leveraging data
Make life easier for various stakeholders
Deliver Impact
Implement technology with a focus on impact and outcomes
Focus on Execution, not just strategy

A few of our Case Studies

“How we helped this $1 billion snacks manufacturer streamline warehouse and logistics operations”
22% Revenue Growth through better Warehouse Management
“How Digitech Labs helped this global manufacturing company with Advanced Analytics from Shop Floor Data”
12 hours Time Saved/Week for Plant Head

Modernize your tech stack

We serve our customers with a wide-range of solutions including digital transformation, RPA and hyper-automation, BI and analytics, Microsoft and SAP implementations, cloud migration, strategy, governance and security, in addition to AI/ML solutions.

Speak to a Digitech Expert

Give us a shout to schedule a discussion with one of our subject matter experts or digital transformation specialists.